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It's my pleasure to welcome you to our luxury Abu Dhabi hotel. Whether you're here doing business or vacationing, my team of experts will ensure you have a memorable and successful stay.

  • Ramly Razik, Chief Concierge 


Did you know that Abu Dhabi is the safest city in the world and it has its own Louvre? Or that the Grand Mosque can accommodate more than 40,000 people? There's so much to discover in this sleek and affluent capital, from local cafes and shisha bars to glitzy malls brimming with luxury boutiques.

Our Chief Concierge Ramly loves to share his local knowledge with guests – setting them off on wild adventures or simply recommending little-known gems. Speak to Raouf and his team to organise a city tour, set up a desert safari or recommend an island trip – whatever you'd like to discover, we'll keep you in the know.  


Welcome to the safest city in the world. For the 2nd year, the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi has been ranked the safest city in the world, according to the statistical analysis (2018 ) by the CEOWORLD magazine.  Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi really pleases the eye. From collections of ancient and modern art to record-breaking architecture, from azure skies and seas to the rich reds of the desert – no matter where you look, there's something to marvel at. Immerse yourself in Gulf culture with heritage villages and museums. Splash out with the family at an adrenaline-pumping water park or one of Abu Dhabi's postcard-perfect beaches. Drive over gargantuan dunes, find hidden oases, visit an F1 circuit or spend the entire day browsing in air-conditioned comfort in one of the city's luxury malls.   

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