When an Event becomes an occasion. That's Catering's Best.

There are times in life when only the exceptional is good enough. That’s the philosophy that sets Catering’s Best apart. It's a belief that influences every aspect of what we do, and it shapes the way we create memorable events. This philosophy, backed by decades of premium catering experience and the impeccable standards of the InterContinental Hotels& Resorts, brings an unmatched level of expertise to your event.

Working with us, you’ll find a focused creativity as we connect cuisine, décor and location. You’ll find an obsessionwith details, and a relentless pursuit of ways to make your event unique. You’ll find seasoned experts in the art of event catering - people who love what they do, and who love to amaze you. And most of all, you’ll find your own event becoming an occasion.

More than anything else, we love the opportunity to delight with our variety of cuisines. Menus from our award-winning restaurants will bring the world to your event. Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese can be present at your event charming your guests with world cuisine.

Our dedicated chefs have a choice of recipes exclusively created to suite your events.

What better way to indulgeyour guests and create lasting memories by bringing our restaurants to your event. 

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